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tv   [untitled]    April 10, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> good evening, everybody, the san francisco unified school district provides free interpretation services in cantonese and in spanish. if know someone who might need those services, please send them to the back of the room to get the f.m. system. this announcement will be
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repeated in spanish and cantonese. [speaking spanish] [speaking cantonese]
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president yee: good evening. welcome to the regular meeting of the board of education of the san francisco unified school district for april 10, 2012. it is now called to order.
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roll call, please? [roll call was taken] president yee: please join me for the pledge of allegiance. [pledge of allegiance] president yee: so, if it's ok with my colleagues on the board,
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i'd like to move item m today up to -- up to right after g, the consent calendar. is that ok? that's ok. item a, approval of the board minutes. motion and a second to the regular board meeting minutes of february 28, 2012. >> i move adoption of the minutes. >> second. president yee: any questions? roll call, please. [roll call vote was taken] [motion passed unanimously] president yee: item b, presentation to the board of education superintendent's
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report. deputy superintendent? >> thank you, president yee, and good evening, everyone. as you can see, i'm not superintendent garcia. the superintendent is unable to make tonight's meeting. his daughter was actually married this weekend in southern california, so we want to congratulate the father and mother of the bride. [applause] >> but in his absence, he's asked me to provide you with this report. we are extremely proud and honored to announce this evening that nine of our schools were designated as california distinguished schools and we'd like to congratulate all nine of the schools and they are alice fong alternative school, dianne feinstein elementary school, e.r. taylor elementary school, frank mccoppin elementary school, john chin elementary school, lafayette elementary school, new traditions elementary school, shermin elementary school and aowla
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elementary school. would you give them a round of applause, please? we haven't verified this but we think this is, per capita, probably the greatest number of schools of any city in california and we want to congratulate not only the principals, but the teacher, the paraprofessionals and absolutely the students and parents at each one of these schools for their extraordinary efforts in achieving this designation. according to the california department of education, the distinguished schools program focuses on california's students and their entitlement to an equitable and rigorous education, which fits squarely with our strategic plan. the program identifies and honors schools that have demonstrated educational excellence for all students and progress in narrowing the achievement gap so on behalf of all of us in the school district, a hearty congratulations to our schools. i'm also very, very happy to announce this evening that you will see later in the agenda an
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item on 700 font street. and later tonight, we will be bringing to the board for action the sale of 700 font street to san francisco state university, one of our partners in the community. this sale is possible and this possible sale represents the great opportunity for both our district and san francisco state. as you know, if a property is no longer needed for the advancement of our educational goals for our students, we are committed to pursuing other options. if the sale is, in fact, approved, san francisco state would gain a site for a potential new academic building that is adjacent to and surrounded by their campus on two sides and we would receive fair market value for this property which is $11.1 million. as the proceeds for this sale must be used for facilities-related purposes.
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and i want to re-emphasize this. it's not like we can use this money for anything. it must be facilities-related purposes. we plan to direct these funds to pay off a long-term debt obligation, similar to a mortgage, for one of our other properties in the district. by not having to make an annual principal and interest payment on this loan, there will be a direct savings to the district of $850,000 a year for the next 16 years and for those of you doing quick arithmetic, that's a total savings to the district of over $13 million. that represents money we can use in our general fund. so we're very excited about this. we also would like to remind all of our parents and students in our community that we've come to that time of the year in the school year where the students take the annual california stand tests, the c.s.t.'s, the tests
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of mastery of california content standards. to our families, we ask you make sure your child is well rested, eats a healthy breakfast and is ready to come to school to do their best. we are proud of what they've learned throughout the school year and we want them to be ready to come to school and tackle the test with confidence and energy. on a personal note, i will share that i've been traveling to and visiting schools this week and have been amazed at how confident our students and our faculty members feel given the results of their common learning assessments, many teachers were so confident that their students are going to do well this year because they've been able to track their progress all year long. so we wish them all good luck but they're not going to need the luck because they'll do very, very well. with, that president yee, that's the superintendent's report. president yee: thank you, deputy superintendent. item c, recognitions and resolutions of commendation. there are none tonight.
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item d, student delegates' report, joyce zhang and carissa tom. >> so we are going to go back. recently, we had our youth summit on thursday, march 22. it was a huge success and we would like to thank president yee for making the opening remarks and commissioners fewer and murase for leading a workshop. we really appreciate it. overall, the day was really successful. we had over 200 participants from 11 different schools, with great student performances from jazz band, lowell dance company and marshall's lion dancers. we are also focused on internships and opportunities. the s.s.c. is doing outreach at schools and on facebook and twitter. so you can like our facebook, so you can like our facebook, which is


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